Online media agency for freight Industry companies

Formed by experienced freight Industry people wich understand the difficulty and struggles to be competitive in the freight market.

Our Products

Complete Solution to market your company in the Forwarding Industry.

Directory for Freight Industry Companies. Freight Forwarders, Networks or any company sell products for Freight Forwarders.


We provide LOWCOST hosting, dominium and fast webservices for STARTUPS or companies need the services.


Email Marketing to only prooved companies within the Industry and registered.


Partnership always welcome!

We are always open to new partnerships, contact us and explain us how can we collaborate


Why work with us?

Secure, trust, share and always by your side.


We have a full platform to help our customers.

We provide daily answer to all the inquiries.


First agency to provide comissions to our customers, partners or any company interested


Your information is always secure. We only work under encripted secure transfer of information

About us

2015 was the begining of our Idea. 2016 we developed and started our adventure, first with our directory, and since then we haven`t stopped to create ideas, and growing. We will not stop!

“Our singular mission to provide real business and profit to our clients. We’re happy when you’re happy.”

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